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Our purpose

While the occidental model seemed to be the natural target for all emerging economies, the new economic world powers along with our planet's limited resources radically changes the way we view the future. .

Economic actors are given new environmental and social responsabilities that are far more than new regulatory constraints. It leads them to thoroughly alter their sourcing, production, logistic, and even management models

Our companies are under permanent transformation: they take advantage of the phenomenal potential of digital technologies to provide new services to a world that is more connected than ever before. The behavior of our new generation reshapes social interactions and requires a significant shift in the way we manage people. ur companies have built strong transformation capacities required to maintain their agility and competitiveness.

All things taken into consideration, the paramount goal is not to find the best idea but to have the capacity to put the idea in place in short term, concrete initiatives. Clear vision, pragmatism, and agility trumps long-term plans.

Changes that were previously thought to be conjectural are now taking place, such as : budget cuts, ressources rationalisation, mutualisation, customer service orientation .

Eurynome Associés supports companies designing and transforming their key practices to face the new challenges. Our ambition is to propose innovative solutions to our customers in a changing world that requires new capacities and most of all, the ability to be flexible, and to fully grasp the opportunities in order to create added value.

Directed by 3 funding members investing their experience and know-how to each of our endeavors, the Eurynome Associes team will build customized solutions for you and bring enthusiasm, creativity, ambition, excellence, and above all our commitment to achieve your objectives.