Transformation strategy

Our philosophy

The conception of a Transformation Strategy needs to take into account many various dimensions such as the firm'sculture, stakes, performance targets, time to implement, and available means. Its implementation also relies on a complex approach including communication of a Management mobilizing vision and operational changes actions alongside teams.

In a structured manner, our approach establishes the foundation for valuable, acceptable, and durable change.

Eurynome Associés offers its clients the ability to state the vision of management in a controlled and coherent way and to align all the stakeholders on the change objectives.

Our expertise

  • Conduct program's strategic scoping study
  • Build and plan workstreams
  • Drive the transformation program by accompanying Management's decision
  • Manage key project stakeholders' emotional cycle to sustain changes

Fundamentally, the human component is essential to an organization's transformation. Our approach gives management the means to efficiently support changes by strengthening its leadership and management abilities.

The level of operability and efficiency of the organization demonstrates successful transformation. It is the result of an approach that combines education and listening to determine the best choice at any time of the project.

Beyond method, our approach seeks to give sense to all employees affected by the change


  • Merging strategy conception for two banks
  • Design of the new organizational model for the support functions of two public organizations
  • Management practices strengthening for an IT direction