IT Strategy

Our philosophy

We are undoubtedly experiencing a new acceleration of the IT technologies featuring mobility, workstation transformation, Cloud, SaaS, social networks…).

The definition of an IT strategy for the company becomes a real balancing act as the range of possibilities extends from day to day. The stakes are to clarify the uses the company is to adopt, define real gains and develop IT ability to integrate these new technologies in a secured manner. And it urges as the users are already enjoying these evolutions in their personal lives.

Eurynome Associés offers you an experience of over 20 years in the IT strategy. Our approaches are focused on the uses  which are actually valuable for your own business. It enables you to assess the real opportunities of these technological changes for your firm.

Acting simultaneously on the IT evolution but also on IT governance, we offer a secure way to benefit from the most appropriate technologies given your performance issues.

Our expertise

Stratégie Systèmes d'informations
  • Build the IT evolution path according to business and firm stakes, design IT master plan
  • Define IT action plan to improve its performance in its different areas Improve IT organization and processes
  • Define and implement an efficient and valuable relationship between project ownership and project management

Eurynome Associés expertise relies both on robust references in big IT organizations as well as on a permanent search for the new factors of their performance. Thus, Eurynome Associés supported one of the first combined certifications on ISO 20000 and ISO 27000.

Eurynome Associés installe ce pilotage au cœur des activités quotidiennes de l'entreprise en accompagnant les collaborateurs dans son appropriation, sa mise en œuvre, son exploitation et son amélioration dans le temps.


  • IT master plan for a public organization
  • Support of a confidential data host for an ISAE 3402 certification
  • Project ownership assistance of a City for the choice and the implementation of a family benefits web solution