Eurynome's Mindset

Because the value we bring to our customers is mainly based on the capacity for acquiring the best practices, the quality and motivation of our employees, we have decided to create a learning organization for the benefit of both our employees and customers. That is why we have developed an ambitious Human Resources policy founded on four cornerstones:

  • The day-to-day implementation of our values ensures an original approach of the collaboration between our customers' teams and our consultants, the respect for ethics of the consulting profession and a culture that is specific to Eurynome Associés.
  • A structured and selective recruitment process promotes an in-depth and open dialogue between the candidate and our employees, so that everyone can commit with confidence beyond the technical skills and the potential of the candidate. We are looking for high-level consultants willing to invest in the development of Eurynome Associés over the long term.
  • An individualized follow-up of our consultants' career allows everyone to best express their abilities and aspirations. The objective is to maximize the fulfillment and growth of each consultant's knowledge, while enhancing the contribution in the setting up of a recognized and appreciated team for its professionalism and involvement.
  • An ongoing commitment for improving knowledge and savoir-faire of our employees by sharing best practices and lessons learned and by conducting collective business intelligence on market trends and our customer needs. The aim is to ensure the greatest internal and external visibility of our expertise centers and provide our customers with the strength of a network composed of mobilized consultants on clearly identified issues.