Go off the beaten tracks

Our excellence is based on a strong experience of consulting and on a strong will to continually improve ourselves. Thus we are always seeking for new practices and ideas in our fields or in those of our clients. This extensive knowledge of the best practices is a strong base from which we elaborate innovative tools and methodologies to provide our clients tailor made solutions that are perfectly adapted to their stakes.

The Gang of Knowledge

The Gang of Knowledge is a game in which each participant has to answer questions of different degrees of difficulty in order de validate levels of knowledge while gathering the largest amount of points.

This game is used during trainings to make sure participants have understood what has just been taught  in a fun way.

Eurynome Forte Model

In a context of competition and permanent change, humans remain the most stable variable for organization. But it is necessary to answer their individual needs while putting them at the service of the group. Managers have therefore an important role to play.

That’s why Eurynome Associés has designed a model aiming to reinforce  management practices in order for managers to become catalysts of the efficiency in the service of a sustainable growth.