Our approach

Eurynome Associes provides its customers with innovative approaches to improve organizational effectiveness by undertaking day-to-day research about new levers and their integration in a coherent and structured methodology.

To make a difference in the market, setting traditional organisational, processes or information system adjustments is no longer sufficient. To get ahead, we need to develop our capacity to anticipate and stick to the market evolutions, to know exactly what our strengths and weaknesses are and to give sense and meaning to day-to-day team efforts.

It’s then critically important to add transformation processes mastering and steering skills to the still necessary Information System expertise :

  • The art of transformation the ability to keep control of the organization through the adaptation process and to move collectively towards a shared objective
  • The art of steering the capacity to analyze, step back, and eventually decide
  • Lucid to make relevant decisions and be effective in their implementation

Beyond the perfect mastering of the theoritical foundations and the practical know-how by our teams regarding those essential dimensions for business performance, Eurynome Associés adds continuously new levers of action - Risk Management, Customer Service Orientation, Managerial Practices, integration of new technology such as Cloud Services… - and combines them to build tailor-made approaches to reach your goals.