Personal development

Professional development

At Eurynome Associés we know that everyone is unique and has his/her own appetences, keys of its success and fulfillment.

We know that your strong points will become our strong points to succeed in our missions. We are by your side to help you identify them and give you all the tools and the means you need to develop your potential and enable you to succeed in your work.

Focused on the long-term, our commitment is to provide you the best support for your professional development and improve your skills and competences. In return, your commitment is to invest yourself enough to progress on these topics.

We will elaborate with you a personalized program of progress on the following themes:

  • Consultant skills
  • Methodologies of intervention
  • Business areas and roles in a company

Followed and supported during you missions by a manager, you will have periodical interviews with him to share your success and difficulties. This same manager will be by your side during the key moments of your career at Eurynome. Annual and semi-annual interviews will be important moments to share your vision of the job, to determine new challenges and to build a common vision for your future.

Integration in an innovative firm

Eurynome Associés is aware that solidarity and team spirit are mandatory for the good functioning of the firm and everyone's fulfillment.

As soon as you arrive, you will be integrated in a multidisciplinary team where you can benefit from the experience and the skills of each consultant in their respective field. You will improve your skills and your knowledge through projects and missions. You will also extend your knowledge and competences through the new projects and you will contribute to the capitalization , the transmission of knowledge  and the know how.

We have set up a system of innovation and capitalization in order to foster team working and knowledge sharing. This system aims to:

  • Optimize feedback on every mission
  • Promote creativity and personal involvement of our consultants
  • Share best practice and improve our methodologies of intervention.

For Eurynome Associés innovation is an important lever of success and differentiation. If you join us you will have the guarantee to develop your innovation culture and have opportunities to contribute to the development of new tools, new approaches and new methodologies.

Be an actor of the change on high-level projects

We believe that the job has to be taught on the field. This is why, on your first day, you will be involved in a mission for one of our customers and you will be challenged in regard of your skills and abilities. You will then be quickly familiarized with our culture of excellence.