Performance steering

Our philosophy

Performance is the result of a complex synthesis of strategic vision, managerial animation, innovation valuation and operational excellence. In order to reach and more importantly sustain optimum performance, every organization must consider its ability to promote, encourage, and animate these elements.

Eurynome Associés assists organizations in their transition to a culture of performance by applying the principles of management through objectives that flourishes in the balanced scorecard.

Governance models that we offer are tailored to the specifics of our customers by allowing them to install the decision to desired levels within their organizations.

Our expertise

pilotage de la performance
  • Mobilize employees around a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement through a process of quality management
  • Assist the company in defining performance indicators and levers consistent with its strategy
  • Define and implement an organization, processes and tools to ensure the effectiveness of the control system

Managing performance requires the enduring commitment and engagement of the people.

Eurynome Associés implements this philosophy in the daily business activities by supporting employees in its ownership, implementation, operation and improvement over time.


  • Quality function performance improvement within a logistic supplier
  • Internal control implementation for an insurance
  • Balanced scorecard implementation for a public organization