Gwenaël Prouteau Pôle emploi Pays de Loire Regional Director

Eurynome Associés assisted us on several major projects:

  • Professionalization of the real estate and logistics support entity by reorganizing it as an internal center of services,
  • Elaboration of the Director balanced scorecard,
  • Preparation of the responsibility transition plan at the time of a change of direction.

The smooth and creative solutions offered by Eurynome Associés is a valuable contribution to our organzations, evolving steps by steps for some years : convergence from 50 to 30 local administrations, transition from an institutional to a corporate culture, professionalization of the management, merging into a new operator. The partnership initiated with Eurynome Associés, which knows in detail our business, make us gain time on our projects and secure our key actions while strenghtening our methodological expertise.